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CAPS 422 Cardiovascular & Respiratory Physiology

Student Talks 2020

Respiratory Pathophysiology during Exercise
Mechanical Ventilation & ARDS
Lung Microbiota in Health & Disease-Focus on Asthma
Mucosal immunobiotics in SARS-CoV-2
Diaphragm Adaptation to Sustained Hypoxia
Pulmonary Vascular Disease & Exercise Testing

Student Presentations

Pathophysiology of Vaping
Thoracic Endometriosis
Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction
Airway Smooth Muscle
Hypoxic Vascoconstriction
The History of Carbon Dioxide
The History of Oxygen
Fetal Respiration
Octapus Vulgaris

Lecture Handouts
are now on UBC Canvas

Student Poems

Paul Henning
Daniel Baxter
Melissa Chiu
Mike Wong
Marc Sonntag
Stephen Thompson
Adrianne Huxtable
Dee Malinsky
Gordon Soon
Vincent Chan
Fraser Johnson

Links that Inspire

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